GSoC09 Talk at University of Campinas

This week we made a talk about the Google Summer of Code program at the University of Campinas. The talk was part of a serie of seminars about free software, that are held as course of the Institute of Computing in this university. We were five people on speech, all of us past GSoC’ers, some for more than one edition. The main focus of the talk was not just to tell people about what the GSoC program is, but also to tell people how participating in GSoC was a great experience to all of us. In adition, we tried to give people some tips on what to do in order to get accepted and sucessfully complete the program, and also left an open channel to support them during the application process.

We started with the oficial program slides, to tell people what exactly the GSoC program consists of. After that, we showed some statistical data about our university in the program, since we were ranked 2nd both on number of applicants and accepted applications. Then, we had a look at the list of mentoring organizations for last year, and showed then how to get to the ideas list of each org, how to find their bugzilla, feature requests, etc. After, we tried to teach them a little on how to write a good application, how to get in touch with the mentoring organization, and some what-not-to-do’s in a FOSS community. To finish, each of us told a little bit about his own experience on past GSoC’s and opened to questions.

This serie of seminars has the support of the GPSL (a student’s group to promote FOSS), which all speakers are members of, and of the FSFLA, so in the end we all got a FSFLA pen as a stipend!

The speakers were Bruno Cardoso, Bruno Dilly, Luis Felipe Strano Moraes, João Batista Correa Gomes Moreira, and João Paulo Rechi Vita (me).

The talk
The talk
People asking questions at the end
People asking questions at the end
The audience
The audience

One response to “GSoC09 Talk at University of Campinas

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    Thank you….

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