Monthly Archives: March 2010

oFono E17 module

This week I’ve been playing a little with e_widgets and gadcon api and have done an initial integration of oFono into E17. I’ve wrote a small module to show status information of mobile modems and it’s powered state.

When powered, network name and status are shown on the tooltip, together with signal strength, which is also shown on the notification area image.

If you click over the notification area the modem name and power control are shown in a small popup.

The module can be used to show info about usb gsm modems or mobile phones over bluetooth. Give it a try, report bugs, make suggestions. There is more to come on this topic soon.

GSoC10 Infosession — numbers and pictures

A little bit delayed there it go some info about the talk we did at Unicamp about GSoC10. There was about 70 attendees and the session lasted 1h30. The first 20-30 min were spend on presenting the GPSL FOSS Seminars Series — since this was the first talk of the series for this semester — and going through the official program slides. The remaining hour or so was spent with an open chat between speakers and  the attendees mixed with each speaker talking about his personal experience with the program. There were 8 speakers in total:

And now, as promised in the title, pictures: