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Sprint retrospective

As some of you may know, last June I’ve moved away from Campinas. Ten incredibly good years have passed since I’ve moved there, from the small Santana de Parnaíba, in the outskirts of São Paulo, where I grew up. During this time I’ve managed to major in Computer Engineering and also Computer Science afterwards, have learned 2 new languages (Spanish and Italian), tried a lot of different activities like rock climbing, circus (aerial acrobatics and fire spitting), kung-fu, between other things. This was also the period when I’ve made my world bigger, getting to know North America, Europe, and more Brazil and South America.

More important than that, tho, were the people I met along this way. There wouldn’t be enough bits on the internet to describe all the good experiences I’ve had and how much I’ve learned with them. Even those that have passed by shortly were partially responsible for constructing the person I am now. I’m very glad of all of those I’ve met on this phase of my life, and I have an enormous collection of good memories from this period, and no regrets that I can recall. You know who you are, thanks to all of you.

After a short period back at my parents’ place, I’m now on a new phase. In December I’ve moved to Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco, in the NE region of Brazil. I’ve moved here to work for INdT, a research institute of Nokia that works with a lot of different upstream free software projects. At first I’ve been helping our Webkit team on the Qt Webkit port, but now I’m back on BlueZ, the Linux Bluetooth stack. INdT has a lot of smart people, and a very good work environment. Life in Recife has been good so far, although there is a big cultural difference from Campinas and São Paulo. I live nearby the office, so I can bike to work every day, and during weekends there is always an amazing beach or small historical city to visit. Next sprint looks very promising.