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Desktop Summit and Linux Plumbers

The last couple of months have been very busy with regards to travelling (among other things I may, or may not, write about in upcoming posts), and because of that I’ve been really away from teh interwebs.

First of all I’ve got the opportunity to attend the really amazing Desktop Summit in Berlin. There I met a lot of very nice and interesting people, with highlights to Will Thompson (Collabora), who have been helping me on the OTR project on Telepathy; Lennart Poettering (Red Hat), who I’ve worked with in the past, when writing the PulseAudio bluetooth modules; Colin Guthrie, current PulseAudio maintainer, and lots of other very cool and smart people that were around there. I’ve also met some old friends from university who are now working at INdT, and other not-that-old friends from the GNOME community.

Besides all the networking and good talk on the hallways and social events (which were amazing, BTW), I had the awesome experience to help the conference organization as a volunteer, and highly recommend that. Not only because I got to meet a lot of cool people, or because I really felt well helping to build up this amazing conference. Also because it was very very fun, and I’m looking forward for this opportunity again next year (if I managed to attend 2012 GUADEC). I’ve also gave a lightning talk on my Telepathy OTR work, and surprisingly got a big applause from someone I couldn’t spot on the audience. Many thanks for that! 🙂

After that I’ve spent one more week in Europe, than back home for a couple of days, and than amazing sand dunes in a place called “Lençóis Maranhenses” with my girlfriend, on the NE of Brazil. And while there, I got an email from Lennart saying that my talk to the Linux Plumbers Conference was accepted! Yay! So I run to look for flights and about 1 week later I was flying to SFO to attend the LPC in Santa Rosa.

The LPC is very different from the Desktop Summit, beginning from its size: about 300 people, comparing to 800 on the DS. Additionally, most sessions on the LPC are very very technical, with a lot of discussion during the sessions. Also, there is much less sense of “we’re a community” if compared to the DS, probably because most projects are much smaller than the big window managers.

All the talks I’ve attended on the LPC were very good, and I had quick chats to a lot of different people between sessions. I’ve met better with Arun Raghavan (Collabora), which I was introduced to in the DS and is also one of the PulseAudio hackers; and also met Pierre-Louis Bossart (Intel), and experienced audio engineer whom I’ve exchanged emails about his module-loopback on pulse about 3 years ago, by the time I wrote the A2DP sink.

My talk about AVRCP on the Audio track of the LPC went all good, and I got some nice feedback on how to get the Linux desktop to be AVRCP 1.4 compliant. Stay tuned to read more on that in the future. And I also need to congrats the LPC organizing committee for such a great conference and awesome social events and catering during the event. On the last night I’ve meet with Jamey Sharp (Apters), XCB developer, and we had a really nice chat about travelling, e-book readers and so on.

After the event, I spent 3 really cool days in San Francisco with my friend Bruno Cardoso. Thanks for the good time, bro!

And last but definitely not least, I want to say big thanks for both the GNOME Foundation, for sponsoring my trip to the Desktop Summit, and the Linux Foundation, for sponsoring my trip to the Linux Plumbers Conference.