Monthly Archives: January 2010

Handsfree HF role

Here at ProFUSION we’ve been helping people at BlueZ, oFono, and PulseAudio to add support for the Handsfree-unit role of the bluetooth Handsfree Profile to Linux. We had some nice progress this week that lead us to make a video showing what we have so far. It’s still not merged upstream, and definitely not user friendly. But hey, it works!

Kudos to Gustavo Padovan for implementing most of this support into BlueZ and oFono.

D-Bus 1.3.0 deb packages for ubuntu

In the need to update D-Bus to a version with fd-passing support, I’ve updated the ubuntu packages for D-Bus 1.3.0, since I couldn’t find any. If you also need to update your D-Bus, you can get the packages here. Use them at your own risk, since it has been tested only on my machine.