Monthly Archives: October 2011

Bluetooth Workshop at the Kernel Summit

Yesterday and today I’ve got the opportunity to attend the Bluetooth workshop, which is part of the Linux Kernel Summit. During the two days a lot of topics have been discussed, with highlights for the release of BlueZ 5, which will finally remove all the API marked as deprecated but still laying around. This includes the unix api, which means applications which dont yet use the D-Bus fd-passing API will have to upgrade it. Now.

Another important removal will be the ALSA modules for A2DP and HSP. I know some people still using it, despite the fact that PulseAudio bluetooth support is around for about 4 years now and its the recommended way to use both profiles. So now it’s serious, upgrade your installation or you are on your own from now. The gstreamer support will still remain on the tree but still, the recommended way to use these profiles is through PulseAudio.

Also a lot of discussion happened over the LE profiles (which are part of the Bluetooth 4.0 spec) and how to correctly add support for them in the right way and well integrated with the current BR/EDR profiles. There were also discussions on the AMP support and the MGMT interface, which will help to add support for that.

Finally we had an audio discussion together with some of the PulseAudio main hackers (Colin and Arun), which were around for the gstreamer conference.

I would like to thank the Linux Foundation for helping me attending this event. Seriously, you rock!