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PyWeek(end) is over

Teamed up with Bruno Dilly, Leandro Pereira and Rafael Antognolli (colleagues at ProFUSION) I’ve participated on the April’s 2011 PyWeek (although we just had worked during the weekend). We’ve used the python bindings for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries and have received the 3 awards, mostly referring to the difficulties people have found when trying to compile the dependencies to run the game. This was expected since just a very few distros package a recent version of the libs (just remember of gentoo for now) and we didn’t provide any windows package, just the source code. Also, we completely forgot to add in-game instructions on how to play (which were added later, when we’ve realized this fault), so the few who managed to run the game had a second hard time trying to figure what the game was all about (and here I have to give kudos to the guy who dig into the source to figure the gameplay).

But even with the problems mentioned above, I’m quite satisfied with the results. Most of us had zero experience with game development and we’ve managed to put the pieces together in one night with pizza and a few beers and one afternoon.

For more information you can visit our team’s page on the contest website: http://pyweek.org/e/Migueh/. The source code can be found on https://gitorious.org/nines-time. And bellow you can find a screenshot for your visual delight (congrats to acidx for most of the graphic work).

Screenshot of the gameplay

oFono E17 module

This week I’ve been playing a little with e_widgets and gadcon api and have done an initial integration of oFono into E17. I’ve wrote a small module to show status information of mobile modems and it’s powered state.

When powered, network name and status are shown on the tooltip, together with signal strength, which is also shown on the notification area image.

If you click over the notification area the modem name and power control are shown in a small popup.

The module can be used to show info about usb gsm modems or mobile phones over bluetooth. Give it a try, report bugs, make suggestions. There is more to come on this topic soon.